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In London last weekend, journalists, software developers, filmmakers, designers and many others spent time discussing ideas and building tools at the 2011 Mozilla Festival at Ravensbourne College. Following the theme of “Media, Freedom and the Web”, many attendees developed prototypes around the idea of the future of media including tablet interface prototypes for the Boston Globe, designs for open source software for DJs, and hacks to enable journalists to combine video and original source text together to tell stories in more interactive ways.

Over the Autumn Session of 2011, a University of Wollongong Investigative Journalism course assigned students to write, review and attempt to get stories published on Wikinews. It was found that Wikinews was effective for improving participant engagement and motivation, and for enhancing the quality of submissions. Wikinews review and editorial processes assisted with assessment and moderation, and students were observed engaging in and reflecting on the real world problems and issues of the profession as a result of the assignment. The workload of the course coordinator and assessor was shared by the Wikinews volunteer reviewers, but those reviewers while happy to assist in barbour epler parka
this instance, voiced concerns at the sudden increase in their workload and suggested that the University expand their engagement with Wikinews to address this issue. The internationally oriented journalism site Wikinews is positioned to offer high quality learning in newswriting; while emphasizing ethics, reliability and therefore accuracy. Wikinews also offers opportunities for supported production and learning in the converged media context for original investigative journalism across the print, audio and visual formats.

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The message was hard to miss. Instead of the electric vehicle as the slow, inconvenient outcast, the demonstration made traditional refueling look downright old fashioned. How silly is it to have to leave your car and spend a barbour sale
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minutes pumping it full of a highly flammable liquid in order to get on with your travels? The study in contrasts seemed to leave Musk himself speechless.

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